Presenting the First Audio Guide for the Bernabéu Stadium Tour


3 April, 2017

Presenting the First Audio Guide for the Bernabéu Stadium Tour

Earlier today, Real Madrid C.F and Microsoft presented the first interactive audio guide for the tour of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, a guide developed by GVAM. Starting tomorrow, April 4th, the service will be available for the more than one million tourists and fans that visit the stadium of Real Madrid each year. This new application incorporates the most advanced technological functions as well as elements of gaming, with the objective of the project to convert the visit to the museum and stadium into an entertaining and innovative digital experience, unique in the world of football. The presentation took place in the Presidential Box of the stadium, with the participation of Emilio Butragueño, director of Institutional Relations of the Real Madrid C.F, Álvaro Morata, Carlos Henrique Casemiro, and Rubén Yáñez, players for the first team, as well as Sebastián Lancestremere, General Manager of Microsoft Sports.

The interactive audio guide will permit fans to participate in an immersive digital experience in their visit to the museum of the Club. The visitors of the Bernabéu Tour can discover the history of Real Madrid, learn of interesting information regarding the team and players, or relive the greatest moments of the team through photographs, historical documents, videos, and narrations of iconic games. Amongst the exclusive audiovisual content now available to the visitors of the Tour include unedited content, such as videos and commentary of the best goals, photographs of the past and present of Real Madrid, facts about players, infographics about the project of the new stadium, and other multimedia resources that will enrich the experience of the fans that visit the museum and stadium.

The incorporation of games as a part of the content comprises one of the principle innovations of the new application. The visitors of the Bernabéu Tour will confront different challenges that they must resolve along the visit, converting the tour into a fun and interactive experience. The visitors that find the answers and relevant information about the Club will be rewarded with exclusive multimedia content.

A Completely Customizable Application

The interactive audio guide allows visitors to enjoy a personalized experience in their visit of the museum and stadium. It offers three different tours, selected by the visitor based on their preferences. Other notable aspects include the possibility to select a language (English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese) as well as tools for accessibility, such as video subtitles, that will permit individuals with hearing loss to enjoy the Bernabéu Tour. Additionally, for those fans that prefer a version without all of the added functions, such as the game, the guide offers a standard configuration to experience a traditional visit. One can participate in a traditional visit by inputting certain numbers associated with displays and other parts of the tour into the application. The application is just a preview of the incorporation of virtual and augmented reality that will continue to enrich the Bernabéu Tour and convert the visit to the museum and stadium into an unforgettable experience.