CROSSCULT: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage


8 February, 2017

CROSSCULT: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage

Human History is not merely a collection of unconnected happenings, related to major characters who acted on a given date or period, and whose relevance depends on the impact on the politics of that era and their proximity to ours. Nothing in History occurs just because one person causes one event; rather, everything has to be understood in a wider context, involving previous and current facts. Human History, indeed, is a huge mesh of interrelated facts and concepts, which has been long understood in the context of Humanities.

The goal of the CROSSCULT project is to spur a change in the way European citizens appraise History, fostering the re-interpretation of what they may have learnt in the light of cross-border interconnections among pieces of cultural heritage, other citizens’ viewpoints and physical venues. To this aim, the project will integrate innovations in three axes, all facilitated by technology and mobile apps.

The CROSSCULT consortium brings together all the necessary expertise in the aforementioned areas of technology, plus numerous experts in Humanities research to ensure proper and effective designs, venues of different natures to evaluate different types of experiences, and companies with deep knowledge of business in the areas of cultural heritage to ensure technology transfer and uptake. Overall, the consortium consists of 11 partners from 7 European countries (France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, UK) including 1 private company, 1 museum and 1 technical higher education institute.


Through reflective educational, cultural, navigational and entertainment experiences, the project aims to:

• Lower cultural barriers and create unique cross-border perspectives, by connecting existing digital historical resources and by creating new ones through the participation of the public.
• Provide long-lasting experiences of social learning and entertainment that will help towards the better understanding and re-interpretation of European (hi)stories.

Crooscult in numbers

• A 3 year round project starting in March 2016
• 11 contractual partners coming from Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Malta, France and Italy.
• More that 15 complementary European associated partners: venues, cities, non-governmental organizations and SME’s
• 4 flagship pilots across Europe: London, Lugo, Chaves, Epidaurus, Aquae Tauri, Tripolis, Luxembourg City, Valetta-

Follow all the information about this European project in @CrossCult_H2020! If you are interested in the participation of GVAM in Crosscult, we’ll maintain you informed in this blog!