La Alhambra presents new multimedia guide and app


13 December, 2016

La Alhambra presents new multimedia guide and app

The Alhambra opens a new multimedia guide service that replaces the previous audio guides. The proposal combines phablets available for rent on the premises and a mobile app (app) that can now be downloaded on Android devices and soon will also be available on iOS. This morning, the director of the Board of Trustees of the Alhambra and Generalife, Reynaldo Fernández, presented this new service in an event that was attended by the director of GVAM, Jaime Solano, and the president of the Association of Deaf People of Granada And Province (ASOGRA), Guadalupe Cuerva.

The visitor can choose between renting a guide on the premises or making a purchase on his device to access any of the 5 routes offered, with about 80 audiovisual pieces available in 12 languages and adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility or who are impaired of hearing (with subtitling in all languages and Spanish Sign Language).

The main novelties of this tool are the wide variety of graphic resources, the historical images and illustrations that complement the visit, the 360º panoramas that allow access to certain spaces of the month any day of the year and a map with option for GPS location within the monumental complex. In addition, as explained in the welcome video, the user can choose the mode of visit that suits him best.

This new system also extends the possibilities of analysis of use and user satisfaction, with a statistical module that lets you extract information of each visit. For example, starting today, variables such as the total duration of the visit, the viewing of each of the audiovisual resources or the percentage of activations of accessibility resources (subtitle and Spanish Sign Language) can be recorded.

The multimedia guide and its corresponding app are the focal points of a project that incorporates other complementary services, such as a free WIFI network to facilitate the downloading and rental of transmitters and receivers for group visits. In addition, for the first time in the monument a audioguide night service will be offered.

The device includes 5 routes adapted to the different types of entrance offered by the Alhambra and Generalife, and to the available time of the visitor: Short General Tour, Complete General Tour , Nazarene Palaces at Night, Generalife at Night and the Museum of the Alhambra. The user can select any of the above tours in any of the languages offered through a single device, paying only for what they need. In addition, the mobile app lets the visitor download a free sample with some outstanding contents before deciding their purchase.


The 12 languages in which they are available are: Spanish, German, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, French, Dutch, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian. In total, the guide includes about 80 units of audiovisual content, composed of several videos and 360º panoramas and up to 400 different photographs and archival images. A content that, in addition, the user can share through social networks using the app.

GVAM would like to thank the Board of the Alhambra and the Generalife and all our local suppliers and regular participants for their close support. It is only the beginning of a project that, over the next four years, will continue to evolve with the publication of new tours for temporary exhibitions, a specific tour for people with visual disabilities, the publication of more content for different audiences and research and development programmes to incorporate new technological features that adapt to the capabilities and demands of all visitors.