Do You Want to be a Part of the CrossCult European Project?


5 April, 2017

Do You Want to be a Part of the CrossCult European Project?

The cultural diversity and analysis of our history are fundamental aspects of the modern world. However, the evolution of technology is changing the forms of preservation, analysis, and diffusion of heritage, with new challenges for the institutions comprise the cultural environment and industries. The CrossCult project has proposed a solution to the challenge – but it is necessary that we gather all information from different perspectives and points of view!

Let Us Tell You More!

CrossCult is formed by 11 European institutions, united by a common objective of creating a technological platform that permits European citizens to appreciate their culture, history, and heritage from a reflective and experiential point of view.

Currently, we are working on the development of four pilot projects for the National Gallery (United Kingdom), the cities of Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) and Valeta (Malta), the Museum of Tripolis (Greece) and the Roman Baths of Chaves (Portugal), Lugo (Spain), Montegroto (Italy), and Epidaurus (Greece)

Upon the completion and analysis of these pilot projects, CrossCult will continue forward!

How Can You Collaborate?

We are conducting a survey to define the needs of the organizations that could be potentially interested in CrossCult, such as:

• Creative Industries
• Businesses within Museography and Cultural Services
• Businesses of Design and Development
• Advertising Agencies
• Educational Institutions
• Organizations linked to Smart Cities
• Etc.

We would value your perspective and opinion through the completion of this survey. Your participation will be of great help in defining the needs of European organizations as well as the best manner in which CrossCult can assist them in acheiving their objections.

Complete the CrossCult Survey!