New improved version of the Salamanca Tourism APP


12 August, 2020

New improved version of the Salamanca Tourism APP

Visiting the city of Salamanca at your own pace and exploring its streets with new itineraries for each visitor is possible with the new version of the Salamanca Tourism APP. Developed by GVAM for the Salamanca City Council, the new version of the APP is released with new routes and content, and smart technology. Keep reading and discover all the news!

The Salamanca Tourism APP is part of the Apps for smart cities, developed by GVAM and that allow tourist destinations to improve the quality of the traveler experience by connecting heritage and culture with tourist services in cities. In addition, the Salamanca Tourism APP has received the ‘Digital Tourist 2020’ Tourism Offer Innovation Award, organized by AMETIC (represents the digital technology industry in Spain) with the support of SEGITTUR (Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies) and the Smart Tourist Destinations Network, as the best reinvention of the tourist offer of a destination with intensive use of digital technology, thanks to GMARKET and GROUPSYNC technology.


Innovations of the Salamanca Tourism APP

The new version has new functionalities that enhance the personalized visit of the traveler. With machine learning and automated marketing technology, this new APP is capable of making personalized recommendations based on profiles and behaviors during the visit:


  1. Makeover and general modernization

A complete review of all the APP graphics to adapt it to the new image of the city and the new functionalities of the operating systems.


  1. New routes and contents

Now it is possible to follow Unamuno’s footprint through the most significant places in his life. With the new route “In the footsteps of Unamuno”, follow in the footsteps of one of the most important characters in the modern history of the city of Salamanca.

Each stop on the route has a detailed description, phrases, photographs, location on the map and accessibility elements such as audio-description and sign language. In addition, you have access to recommendations for shops, restaurants, hotels and car parks that are close to the point.

Another novelty of the Salamanca Tourism APP is the extension to 5 languages ​​of all routes and content (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and German).


  1. Measurement improvement

The APP has profiles and optimized statistical systems that allow it to be adapted to the needs of each tourist. Tourism of Salamanca will be able to know the flow of visitors by nationality, the days of stay in the city, their visiting interests, the companions and whether or not they are residents of Salamanca. With these improvements it is possible to differentiate each type of tourist and offer them content adapted to their needs.


  1. Automated marketing

The city’s tourism technicians will be able to create personalized promotional campaigns for each profile and family group of visitors. This customization is possible with the incorporation of the GMarket solution for the management of dynamic recommendations during visits and in real time. An opportunity to meet the information needs of tourists.


Nueva version App Salamanca Turismo

What to visit, where to eat or what plans to hire will be easier than ever!


DTI technology for cities

Salamanca continues to lead the implementation of DTI technologies in world heritage cities. The Network is an opportunity for the local tourism sector to generate joint, reusable and scalable solutions, in addition to defining itself and its relationship with other actors.

GVAM is part of the Smart Tourist Destinations Network as a collaborating member and provides innovative solutions such as this APP, which represents a new evolutionary milestone within the framework of APPs.


New functionalities adapted to COVID-19

Also as a sample of reuse and scalability, from July the Salamanca City Council will incorporate new functionalities, adapting them to the new rules of coexistence after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Innovative audio system for guided groups: The guided groups will be able to continue operating, with all the comforts, through the use of each visitor’s mobile phone as a device to display multimedia content. In addition, it is possible to activate subtitles in other languages ​​to improve the experience and the monitoring of groups of different nationalities.


Monitoring of locations and information on distancing in real time: The Salamanca City Council will be able to detect in real time if there are crowds and other factors related to safety and the mandatory social distance for visitors, issuing automated notices to mobile phones in the area. In this way, it will be possible to meet and exceed the standards to be applied with the new normal and thus regain the trust of the local citizen, business and tourists.


Do you want to know the new APP? Download it for iOS or Android and experience the city of Salamanca.