Gaudí’s Palace in Astorga launches the new GVAM interactive guide for schools and families


16 September, 2020

Gaudí’s Palace in Astorga launches the new GVAM interactive guide for schools and families

After the success of the interactive guide accessible to the adult public, the Gaudí Palace in Astorga presented on September 10 its new application for schools and families developed again by GVAM through our G-School solution. This new development allows the cultural institution to bet on the digitization of the experiences of its visitors with new content for the audio guide service.


At GVAM we are aware of the importance of offering attractive and safe school visits from technology and from the effort towards the digital transformation of cultural institutions, maintaining the quality of content for visitors of all ages. From this vision we developed G-School: a virtual platform that seeks to promote new forms of learning and connection between schools and museums through the use of technology. With the interactive guide, Gaudí’s Palace joins the new era of school visits, where gamification and technology are protagonists.


How does G-School work?

The operation of the G-School interactive guide is very simple since it allows to connect teachers, students and cultural institutions on the same platform.


Beyond making a contemplative visit, where students pass between room and room to observe the majesty of the Episcopal Palace of Astorga, with this new application, and through tablet devices, visitors can answer questions, play challenges, train teams and interact actively with space. A complete formula to boost learning!


And we are talking about a complete formula because the G-School teaching methodological proposal generates an interactive environment between the students and the institution before, during and after the visit. In addition, the teachers of the educational centers can personalize the visit, select the contents according to the educational level of the students and plan the routes, stopping at the architectural and thematic spaces of interest to the students.


G-School is a powerful learning tool for schools.


With this tool it is possible to capture the attention and maintain the concentration of the students with the activity. A complete system that generates entertainment with games on the explained.



Functionalities and contents of the new application for families of the Astorga Palace

  • Storytelling based on the Palace proposal: we have personalized the character who accompanies us on the visit with interactive games while making adaptations by training level, tracks and much more.
  • Interactive group guide: each experience has key content to guide the visit: texts, audios and images allow us to get closer to the Palace.
  • Audio-guided games: the best way to learn! School visits have fun with games such as find the differences, maybe, match the arrows, puzzles, among others.
  • Prizes: a points system will be incorporated and, in addition, a cut-out of the Owl may be included in the My Visit solution.


Technical characteristics

The development of G-School allows to have robust technical aspects that translate into usability and accessibility for all the people who use it. Specifically, we talk about the following characteristics:

  • Simple configuration: A unique entry reservation code (API Clorian) generates a tour for students and an extended version for the teacher.
  • Adapted school visit: From a profile of the group of students, the route is adapted according to the time of the visit, the educational level or the type of experience.
  • Preview: with this functionality the teacher can prepare and visualize what the visit will be like during its planning.
  • Usage analysis: The cultural institution, in this case the Gaudí Palace, will have access to Gstat, where it can analyze the complete analytics. In addition, the interactive guide will show the teacher outstanding results that can be sent by email (My Visit).


Three moments to learn and enjoy with G-School

As we mentioned previously, with the G-School interactive guide, the experience of visiting Gaudí’s Palace begins before arriving at the Palace and continues after the visit. Let us know the details of its operation at all times:


Before the visit:

Teachers and students can plan together the visit to the Palace grounds. From the application they select the spaces to visit, the games they will play and the content they want to work on. The personalization of the experience is complete since the school designs and configures the route from the virtual platform.

Specifically, the design of the visit occurs in a four-step dynamic in which the number of students, the duration of the visit, the level and the theme are configured. The teacher can then see a preview of the visit and change it as many times as desired until the day of the visit.


During the visit:

With the participatory methodology offered by the platform, students can play while learning. The guide includes various games: find the differences between the Palace and the images on the screen, solve riddles and puzzles, connect architectural concepts or find secrets of the Palace …, and many more surprises, including interaction with various animated characters that will make the experience informative as well as entertaining, .

In the case of the Palace, on the day of the visit, the Palace staff gives the tablets to the group of students, with the route already configured. The students are divided into two subgroups to begin the visit and the game. Teachers will have a Tablet with more information and tips to get more out of the visit. A whole different experience for both students and teachers!


After the visit:

One of the most interesting aspects of G-School is that the experience lasts until the return to school or home. Both teachers and parents will receive by email a souvenir of the visit (My Visit), from which they can also check the most viewed content, the scores of the students and each group, etc. A powerful tool for schools to be able to carry out evaluations of results, analyze the content that most impacted students and the interaction in games and prizes.

Educational centers can now enjoy the new interactive guide to Gaudí’s Palace where novelty, personalization, challenge, exploration and solving enigmas create a dynamic learning environment. Living culture in a different way is possible with G-School, not only knowing the Palace and its history but also, thanks to the gamification experience, it is possible to learn by experimenting and investigating the why of things.