Inventions of the past that were the key to the future… in a present-day museum!


1 February, 2019

Inventions of the past that were the key to the future… in a present-day museum!

A visit to Madrid’s Postal and Telegraph Museum is a great experience, and not just for stamp enthusiasts – you can discover innovations which were crucial to today’s communications. This is how we tell the story in our new interactive guide, with videos and other multimedia resources so you can admire these fascinating devices and inventions from the past … in action!

As well as guides for independent visitors, Correos’ use of GVAM technology means the tablets also provide visual support in the Museum’s own guided tours. For example, they can use them to show the Morse telegraphs in action, or let visitors enter a semaphore telegraph tower located far from the museum using virtual reality and 360º views. Users can also try deciphering some curious hieroglyphics! All of this is made possible by mobile apps installed in several devices available to visitors free of charge in two languages: Spanish and English.

As soon as you set foot in the museum, a video showing the first launch of stamps into the stratosphere hints at the type of tour you are going to experience: a constant dialogue between the past and the future. The archive images we have included in the interactive guide show the protagonists of this story: the engineers, operators, and postal workers – men and women – who made the evolution of communication possible in Spain. We can only really understand the experience if we put ourselves in their shoes, which is much easier with this visual component.

The Postal and Telegraph Museum shows us inventions from the past which were the key to future progress, in a museum very much of the present. It’s a highly recommended visit for children and adults, and even better with the interactive guide!