GVAM Creates the new smart guide for the Royal Collections Gallery


17 July, 2023

GVAM Creates the new smart guide for the Royal Collections Gallery

GVAM Creates the new smart guide for the Royal Collections Gallery

Digital immersion in the most important museum project in Spain for decades

Over 9,000 square metres of exhibition space, distributed over seven floors, where visitors can admire a selection of 650 exhibits from the 155,000 treasures stored by Patrimonio Nacional. Masterpieces by El Bosco, Titan, El Greco, Ribera, Velázquez, Caravaggio and Goya, with incredible tapestries, musical instruments, decorative art,… A museum next to the Royal Palace of Madrid, housed in a building designed by Emilio Tuñón and Luis Moreno Mansilla, which has won up to ten architecture awards.

The Royal Collections Gallery is without a doubt the most important artistic and tourist newcomer in Madrid this summer. The museum, considered ‘the most important cultural milestone in Spain and Europe for decades’, It’s official opening was hel on june 28.

GVAM has developed a system of smart guides for this new museum.

GVAM, will deploy all the means available in its large facilities: state-of-the-art devices, its own personnel, the production of high-definition digital content and all the smart systems for which the company is known. It will help visitors to enjoy an exclusive experience that is unrepeatable anywhere else. It will help them discover, through on-demand multimedia content, the excellence, quality and diversity of an incredible collection. In short, it will turn a museum visit into a unique and unforgettable experience.

The new system developed for the Royal Collections Gallery adapts uniquely to each user, thanks to customisation systems supported by identification, tracking and recommendation engines. The smart guides compile information on user preferences, analysing their choices and behaviour in order to offer routes adapted to the individual interests of each user.

All this information is then shared with Patrimonio Nacional, so that not only can the institution better know its public but it can also launch digital marketing campaigns and promote the other palaces and monasteries its manages throughout Spain.

The guides contain a sophisticated navigation system with maps to help visitors locate the pieces and also, conversely, indicate where they are in relation to the pieces closest to their position.

GVAM remains committed to diversity and inclusion, and offers a wide range of accessibility options and versions: 16 languages for the audiovisual parts, audio-descriptions, subtitles and videos in sign language, so that the museum is open to all users.

These applications are available for downloading to mobile phones so that visitors can buy them in advance through the system integrated by GVAM with the Patrimonio Nacional entrance ticket purchasing system. They can be downloaded from (XXX)

In the coming months, state-of-the-art tours and resources will be incorporated, such as recreational experiences with augmented reality, virtual reality scenes, children’s tours for families with children and new complementary content to explain and enhance all the splendour of five centuries of Spain’s royal dynasties.