GSync: The guided groups solution of the future


2 July, 2021

GSync: The guided groups solution of the future

The classic visits in guided groups in museums, monuments and other heritage sites are ceasing to be as we knew them since they are experiencing an unprecedented transformation. Crowds, physical brochures or the use of sharing devices have undergone significant restrictions and changes due to the post-COVID-19 era.

In this context, the old guidance portable systems for voice transmission and reception for groups, where the guide made the speech through a transmitter with a microphone, do not longer respond to the current distance and comfort needs for visitors, being necessary the adaptation of systems by integrating tools and connecting with the visitor.

As an innovative response to the arrival of the digital transformation of audio guides and as an alternative to classic radio guides, GVAM has developed a new system that works with smartphones: GSync. A system that allows connectivity in real time and with multimedia tools that enrich visits. The guide can transmit his voice to the members of a guided group from their own smartphones


Operation of GSync

The functionalities of the GSync system allow users to have an experience without interruptions, noise or distractions typical of the old group guide systems. Here is a detailed step-by-step operation of the GSync system:

  • The guide and visitors download the APP in the main application markets (iOS and Android) once the service has been contracted. Or in the case of a web-app download would not be even necessary.
  • Once the APP is installed on their smartphones, the guide can transmit his voice to each of the visitors in the group thorugh his own interface, pairing the devices through a simple password entry procedure at the beginning of the visit.
  • Instead of using brochures and physical images, GSync allows the guide to interact with visitors by displaying multimedia content such as photos, audios, or videos to the entire group.
  • In the case of having multi-language groups, the system also allows you to activate subtitles in the languages ​​of the audio guide.

Not only guides but museums, monuments and cities can benefit from the intelligence of the data since the visitor will be able to fill in a sociodemographic form in order to monitor and filter groups.


GSync is already in operation and Spanish cities such as Salamanca are benefiting from its functionalities


GSync guided group system is a revolution for cultural centers and tourist guides, allowing them to operate with all the comforts of a digital tool that includes promotion and digital marketing functionalities and improves the confidence of visitors.