GVAM joins Turium to transform the tourism sector


23 June, 2021

GVAM joins Turium to transform the tourism sector

Turium, the Vocento proposal, which, together with the main Spanish companies, aims to promote quality tourism in our country, has been presented. A multidisciplinary cluster of experts in tourism, communication, branding, consulting and trend research ready to contribute to the transformation of the country’s main economic sector.


The tourism sector is a model that has been consolidated in our country, but that needs major structural changes, including technological changes. It is precisely this digital transformation in which GVAM has been working for many years and we believe that it is time to bet on the specialization of our destinations and to apply that cutting-edge technology in which we are leaders. An activity that we have carried out around cultural heritage and inland destinations along with World Heritage Cities in Spain. In this sense, we have developed digital transformation solutions aimed at the digitization of content, promotion and digital marketing of the 15 cities, in addition to developing technology that will help regain the trust of visitors.


Turium has the following founding partners, all of them exponents of excellence in their offer to national and international travelers: Iberia, El Corte Inglés, Banco Santander, Telefónica, Correos, Paradores, Abadía Retuerta, Grupo Marugal (Akelarre, Urso Madrid, Cap Rocat, Gecko, Torralbenc, Tótem Madrid, Palacio Solecio), the Basque Autonomous Community, the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, the Principality of Asturias and the cities of Madrid, Valladolid and Vitoria, examples of sustainability at international level. As partners, the initiative includes the communication and consulting agencies specialized in quality tourism Be Marketing, Mason Rose and SERGAT, as well as the prestigious Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic and us, GVAM Interactive Guides.