Geotours App: connecting the geoparks of the Atlantic coast


21 January, 2021

Geotours App: connecting the geoparks of the Atlantic coast

Born to bring digital life to the most surprising landscapes of the Atlantic coast Geotours App is the latest mobile application developed by GVAM to promote European Atlantic geotourism in collaboration with the European Atlantic Geotourism Route (EAGR). With the aim of promoting and disseminating the geological and cultural heritage of the Atlantic Geoparks, Geotours App unifies in a single application a total of 11 impressive geoparks of the European Atlantic coast.

You can download it here: IOS and Android

Geoparks are territories with great geological relevance, full of biodiversity and with a unique nature that directly influence the people and cultures that inhabit them. Geotours App allows to explore these geoparks through a mobile application fully developed by GVAM together with an intuitive content management system so that each geopark can create and manage their routes quickly and easily.

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Geoparks of the App : a transnational route

The geoparks included in the app allow you to take a tour through the European Atlantic coast: from Ireland and the United Kingdom we travel along the coasts of France, Spain and Portugal, even visiting the islands of Lanzarote (Spain) and Azores (Portugal). A total of 11 UNESCO Global Geoparks in a single application:

  • Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark (Ireland)
  • Copper Coast Geopark (Ireland)
  • Marble Arch Cave Global Geopark (Northern Ireland)
  • Fforest Fawr UNESCO Global Geopark (Wales)
  • AONB North Pennines (England)
  • Arouca Geopark (Portugal)
  • Azores UNESCO Global Geopark (Portugal)
  • Armorique Geopark (France)
  • Basque Coast Geopark – Vasque Coast (Spain)
  • Valles de Cantabria Geopark Project (Spain)
  • Lanzarote Geopark and Chinijo Archipelago (Spain)


Technological and functional features

The mobile application responds to the needs of the technicians of each geopark and achieves the objective of offering an intuitive interface for users. The main uniqueness of Geotours App lies in its functionality and stands out for the following technologies developed from GVAM:


1.- Attractive and modern graphic image: The entire graphic image has been created in line with the visual elements of the European Atlantic Geotourism Route project and each of the geoparks sections according to their corporate image identity.


2.- Content management system (CMS) adapted to each geopark: GVAM has implemented its Ventour CMS technology system so that each geopark can manage and update content and tours independently and without the need of programming knowledge.


3.- Innovative AR system: Users can also find their way around the geopark through an augmented reality system that shows the different POIs (points of interest on the map) to visit. This technology makes it possible to identify points of interest in the landscape through the mobile camera and allows with a simple click to obtain information about the different visible POIs, and even easily find the route to the location.


4.- Mapeado y geolocalización: se ha creado para cada geoparque un sistema de mapeo y localización de puntos de interés paisajístico, cultural o geológico. De este modo, a través del sistema GPS y la localización de los POIs (puntos de interés en el mapa) los usuarios pueden visitar el geoparque conociendo su posición y la de las localizaciones de interés en tiempo real.


4.- Mapping and geolocation: a system for mapping and locating points of scenic, cultural or geological interest has been created for each geopark. In this way, through the GPS system and the location of the POIs, users can visit the geopark knowing their position and that of the locations of interest in real time.


5.- Gamification of the routes: Visiting the geoparks becomes a fun and participatory experience with numerous game elements and rewards that challenge users, among others:

  • POIs hidden within AR elements where little-known places are discovered or secrets are found.
  • Quiz type games to test the visitor’s knowledge.
  • Interaction with images to discover other hidden multimedia content.
  • Treasure hunt of illustrations and 3D objects located in the different routes of the geopark with which the user can create their own collection: a perfect activity to challenge visitors to explore every corner of the geopark.
  • A medal system for expert visitors who complete all the tours offered by the geopark in the mobile application: a powerful formula to increase user engagement.

With these technological features, the routes become a complete experience where interaction merges with the geological heritage. All in a single free application available in up to 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Welsh and Basque.

 Are you visiting a geopark on the Atlantic coast? The application is now available for download on iOS and Android devices. Let the route begin!