Gaudi’s Palace commits to digital gamification to enrich school visits


7 October, 2019

Gaudi’s Palace commits to digital gamification to enrich school visits

How can we show our youth that the world is not what they watch on a screen, but that the screen itself is another window to reality? In the episcopal palace of Astorga, mobile technology will become the door to access a fascinating and misterious world: the Gaudí universe.

After the successful launch of the interactive and accesible guide for the adult public, Gaudí’s Palace is preparing a new special version for schools and families. This initiative will allow each group of students to personalize their visit in a simple way. They will be able to choose their educational level, the topics of their interest and watch a preview of their tour right from the online booking web. On the day of their visit, they will find this same tour on the tablets provided by the Palace.  

This experience will consist of two complementary roles: Children and Adult profiles. Families will also enjoy this new way of visiting the monument by renting the devices at the Palace. From the beginning of the visit, schools and families will be able to choose whether they would like to face the challenges as a group or in different parties. This alternative will also help to distribute the flow of visitors properly.

To encourage the observation of the Palace, the guide includes games where kids need to find the differences between the monument and the images on screen, solve riddles and puzzles, link architectural and artistic concepts, etc. GVAM’s Content Team is already working on the development of scripts and characters’ animations, with the help of a group of pedagogues to make the experience not only entertaining but also lecturing.

But maybe the most important thing is that the guide is not only useful for the little ones: teachers and parents will enjoy an all-in-one guide, motivation tool, and support source for evaluating results through the GStats system. The adult joining kids between 8 and 12 years old, will be the one in charge of guiding the activity, with the aid of short texts and clues to solve the games. Visits for teenagers between 12 and 16 years old, will focus on the autonomy and curiosity that define young students in this age range.

Kids will also be joined by a special partner in their adventure at the Palace. But we cannot disclose any details yet! To learn more, you will have to visit Gaudí’s Palace in early 2020 😉