The city of Salamanca and GVAM are now members of the Smart Touristic Destinations Network (DTI)


29 octobre, 2019

The city of Salamanca and GVAM are now members of the Smart Touristic Destinations Network (DTI)

The Digital Tourist Congress, which took place on October 17-18 and was organized by AMETIC and Benidorm City Council, seeks to encourage the development of digital tourism. Within the framework of this renowned convention, which gathered specialized professionals, cities, destinations and organizations with similar goals, the new members of the Smart Touristic Destinations Network (DTI) were announced, among them Salamanca city and GVAM as a collaborator.

The latest version of the Salamanca Turismo app has been the case presented to the Smart Touristic Destinations Network by the Salamanca City Council and GVAM as a work proposal for the rest of the Network’s city councils. Based on the previous accessible app, the new one meets the Network’s requirements and can be connected to booking and touristic promotion platforms.

Its main attributes include: an automatic agenda linked to cultural activities, free audioguide with services updates, close entertainment and gastronomy centres localization, personalization options for users, real-time notifications, events suggestions and the integration of a platform to analyze the visitors’ preferences and habits. To sum up, guests will enjoy a free and very complete audioguide, with accessible resources, routes adjusted to each guest and all the information needed to plan a visit or, for those who like to improvise, to make arrangements and new plans on the way.

The Smart Touristic Destinations Network, launched by the Secretary of State for Tourism and SEGITTUR, brings together several destinations that meet certain features. By definition: « An innovative touristic destination, built on leading edge technological infrastructure, that guarantees the sustainable development of the touristic area, grants universal access, offers the visitor a better interaction and integration with the environment, enhances his experience at the destination and improves the residents’ quality of life » (DTI). The goal pursued by the DTI is to develop the touristic segment in a sustainable way, through innovation and technology.

We are honoured to receive this distinction together with Salamanca and we will keep on walking right next to other cities in their journey towards smart tourism.

Spain has numerous amazing touristic destinations with an enormous potential to highlight their cultural appeal through technology. We are ready to help them unfold their potential!