Technology leaves the doors of culture open during the COVID-19 crisis


23 March, 2020

Technology leaves the doors of culture open during the COVID-19 crisis

It is a week today since the Government of Spain declared the State of Alarm following an unprecedented situation in the world. Since the end of last week, GVAM employees, who work in the most significant museums and monuments in Spain, remain in their homes. The headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona are also empty, we all comply with the isolation order, but nobody stops!

Cultural institutions are virtually open to their visitors and users. Through mobile applications and websites, we can continue to enjoy our rich heritage, learn from ancient civilizations, take refuge in the art of our ancestors and our contemporaries, cultivate our mind and spirit. Here are some examples of fully accessible multimedia content!:

  • National Heritage Royal Sites: in the mobile application markets, you can also purchase content from the Royal Palace of Madrid and from other sites managed by National Heritage (all available in English). All the information here:

  • More free apps: we also highlight the launches of the last semester, such as the Galician Wine Museum app (on iOS and Android), the Toledo Army Museum app (on iOS and Android) and the recently updated Salamanca Tourism app (on iOS and Android). Soon, the Cathedral of Santiago will also make its current offer of digital content free (on iOS and Android).


This wide range of options does not end here and we will continue spelling out more in the upcoming weeks. With publications in Spanish, English, Italian and French, we will overcome the physical barriers imposed by COVID-19. We will continue to inform you of the news that, week after week, technology brings to our culture. Strength and encouragement to everyone!