People with disabilities in Spain support the Áppside project


30 January, 2014

People with disabilities in Spain support the Áppside project

The main Spanish organizations working for the rights and interests of persons with disabilities have expressed support for Áppside, a project born from the collaboration between Fundación Orange and GVAM Guías Interactivas to promote and implement accessible mobile applications in Spanish museums.

For many disabled people, mobile technology is becoming a guarantor of their social rights and autonomy, said Helena Rojas, a blind user and expert in universal design, in an interview with GVAM. Organizations like the Royal Board on Disability, CESyA (Spanish Center for subtitling and audio description), FIAPAS (Spanish Confederation of Families with Deaf People) or Clave (Care for the Hearing Impaired) and organizations like Aptent or Dilofácil celebrate the birth of Áppside, because it will allow everyone access on equal terms to Spanish cultural heritage.

The apps created in this project must be accessible to people with sensory and auditory disabilities. In addition, GVAM technology offers museums complete flexibility when organizing and publishing the contents of their apps and freedom to include all kinds of resources for text, image, audio and video easily. If you want to know more about the Áppside project or its participants, check and stay informed of all the latest news via Twitter @AppsideOrg profile (in spanish).