GVAM travels to Italy with Archimede Arte


22 March, 2021

GVAM travels to Italy with Archimede Arte

At GVAM we are pleased to announce the partnership agreement with Archimede Arte, a leading company in the 3D digitization of artistic assets in Italy, with the aim of promoting and developing smart guide projects in Italy. In a year of uncertainty, at GVAM we continue working to bring new technologies and digitization processes to European museum and cultural spaces.


GVAM and Archimede Arte, a partnership of knowledge and technology applied to culture

The partnership between both companies also arises at a time when digital transformation has become even more important to respond to the current demands of bringing culture closer to the profile of the digital visitor. In this sense, the two offers are naturally complementary in order to offer organizations, municipalities and museums a complete, integrated, digital, real and secure interactive experience.

Ciao bella Italia! To better understand what this new partnership between the two companies entails, we interviewed Aldo Pascucci, director of Archimede Arte.

What services and products does Archimede Arte offer in Italy?

Archimede Arte has been operating successfully in Italy since 2000, working for the protection and enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage, through the use of the most modern technologies and methodologies for digital surveying and 3D modeling. Among the most outstanding works that we have carried out is the 3D digitization of the archives and properties of the Vatican Museums, where millimeter by millimeter georeference technology has been applied to all the artistic heritage: from the Sistine Chapel to Raffaello’s rooms, from the Gallery of busts and statues to the collections of religious and artistic objects, Archimede Arte uses advanced technologies to catalog 7 kilometers of buildings and aproximately 170 thousand square meters of works. In addition, we have also participated in the drafting of the guidelines for the digitization of movable and immovable property for the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

For us, art is an important tool for individual growth which must be preserved through generations and creatively promoted to attract the greatest number of people. This is the motivation to which we tend when carrying out all our projects.


How can GVAM complement the visitor experience and connect with the activity of Archimede Arte?

Archimede Arte has a natural vocation for everything that brings art closer to the visitor in the digital, virtual space. GVAM, for its part, also has extensive experience in managing face-to-face visitors in real physical spaces with technologically advanced solutions and great professionalism recognized by the market. In this sense, the activities of both companies complement each other in a natural way to offer visitors complete interactive experiences to the different monuments, cities and museums .


What differential value can the new partnership agreement offer for Italian museums?

We found in GVAM a wide range of services with an impressive number of references, which is a very relevant aspect because no Italian museum wants to take risks when it comes to serving the visitor. Therefore, we are confident that when the current pandemic situation improves, this alliance will bear the fruits we hope for.


What objectives and goals do you seek to achieve with the new partnership agreement?

Our goal is to offer museums, monuments, cities and municipalities a high-quality solution, with a large number of integrated services that can provide visitors with an immersive, attractive and emotional experience.

Archimede Arte will provide high-impact digital content, thanks to our leadership in digitizing 2D and 3D images, and storytelling, developed by art historians on our team. GVAM will provide the technological platform, the user experience capable of effectively involving visitors, and all the integrated services to connect the guide with the services provided.


What are the actions currently taking place between GVAM and Archimede?

In recent months we have launched a campaign to make this solution known to a good number of potential clients, especially city councils and museums. Considering the historical moment we are living, during a pandemic, the contacts we have had and the joint presentations that we are making, we have reasons to assure that this alliance arouses interest.

In Italy, a combination of technological services of this level is unique because there are no other companies capable of excelling in the field of high-impact digital content, platforms and technological developments and integrated services that effectively engage visitors.


The partnership agreement between GVAM and Archimede Arte thus reinforces the commitment of both companies to support Italian monuments, museums and cities to recover from the difficult times brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.