Ventour 3.1: more freedom for creating apps for your visitors


4 October, 2013

Ventour 3.1: more freedom for creating apps for your visitors

It’s time to show you the work we have been undertaking in recent months. We are launching Ventour 3.1, the new version of our CMS, with which you can make the most of the world of apps and gain more autonomy when designing and publishing apps. These are the main new features of Ventour:

In-app Guides and downloads: In the previous version, you could organize the contents of your app in different Guides or Itineraries. Now visitors can chose to download only the tour that interests them: a visit of half an hour, a single exhibition, a themed guide … visitors can download in their own language and chose only the accessibility resources they requires, in order to begin as quickly as possible.


Downloads, purchases and upgrades within the app

New source of income with In-app sales: With Ventour 3.1, you can develop a new revenue stream. Let visitors check out some of your guides for free and offer others at a cost. You can control how the user gets the content: this is the touchstone of the freemium model that already prevails in other sectors.

No roaming charges: Decide what guides are available for off-line use.

Always up to date: You will not have to wait for Apple’s or Google’s validation to update your app. New users will download the latest version within the app itself when it is opened. Users of the old ones will be notified of updates and can decide which itineraries they wish to update.


Exclusive content inside the museum

On site exclusive content: are copyright issues preventing you from posting your content worldwide? Do you want to attract more visitors? Turns on the On-site feature so that all or only some of the itineraries can be enjoyed only within your facilities.

Everything is tailored to each visitor and with minimum effort: In Ventour each section now has a Pairing button. You can leave it on to apply an image to all languages ​​and platforms. You can deactivate it to create device-specific versions or the language you choose. In this way you avoid repetitions when working and you reduce the weight of each guide download.

More reliable tests: Download GVAM Player, enter the code you will find on Ventour and test the app on your mobile phone or tablet before publishing it. Ventour also offers you a new incidents report feature so you do not miss anything.

We have introduced other editing improvements, so you can move sections and change their templates, translate buttons or menus, etc..

You will no longer have the feeling that technology advances faster than your ideas, Ventour provides new customization options and exceptional content management without having to write code. Now more than ever you can create a guidance experience tailored to your space and your goals.

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