Mobile technology opens the Army Museum digital doors in Toledo


22 November, 2019

Mobile technology opens the Army Museum digital doors in Toledo

More than 350 high definition images, 2 different tours and the possibility to enjoy a visit at their own path are just a few features that the Army Museum visitors will enjoy with the new interactive app developed by GVAM, available for iOS and Android.

The new tool, promoted by Spain’s Ministry of Defence Department for Publications and Cultural Heritage, allows visitors to explore the museum in a different, pleasant way and to discover details which are difficult to acknowledge from the visitor’s standing point.

For instance, currently it is not easy to have a close look at the Diego de Leon’s hussar uniform at the exhibition. This is where the new app complements the visit, offering high definition images to appreciate it and understand it better:



On the following image gallery you can see the picture of an “oliphant”, a horn used by hunters to communicate with each other between the XVI and XVIII centuries. Its decoration is related to the hunting context. Together with the other pieces of the exhibition, visitors may appreciate it with a very high level of detail using the app:


The app has a total of 68 contents and 350 images to enhance the tour experiences. There is also the possibility of locating certain works using the room geolocalization option.


As usual in GVAM guides, users can choose between 2 navigation options: the traditional one for audioguides, that allows them to locate the narratives, looking for the numbers next to the exhibited works, or a much more visual way to follow the tour, through images and the geolocalization map. In this way, usability for people who are less familiar with mobile technology is guaranteed. In addition, the content is subtitled to make the app accessible for hearing impaired people.

The new immersive experience will not only bring added value to the visit itself. The Ministry of Defence will also be able to enchance the visit with new content proposals, thematic tours, additional languages or new resources, submitted through a content manager.

Become a part of history with the new Army Museum app! You can download it for free on your iOS or Android device and access its content remotely.