GVAM, finalist in the 2013 Design for All International Awards


19 March, 2013

GVAM, finalist in the 2013 Design for All International Awards

When we started off, something told us that in order to think of “everyone”, first we had to listen to “the individual”. Each step in our strategy required an extension of our senses, an effort to meet the needs of each person. The “Design for All” concept argues that this “extra” effort should, in fact, be standardized. Its aim is that this practice, based on respect for diversity, is assumed as standard in both the private and public environment.

Today, the Design for All Foundation encourages us to continue our work. Being among the four finalists of the 2013 Design for All International Awards provokes three emotions in us: gratitude, motivation and restlessness. Restlessness in its positive sense, because now, more than ever, we must keep in mind the maxim of the Foundation: To ensure that the needs, desires and expectations of users are taken into account from the very first minute of a new development or design.

Throughout history, man has made every effort to make his environment more manageable. In the environment of a museum, the most important thing is its collection. We wanted to put ourselves in the middle ground between the environment and the ideas behind each cultural area. We believe that we have developed a guidance technology that can be used by everybody, and which takes into account the particular needs of every visitor.

In an increasingly open society, ensuring equal access to knowledge, history and culture has become a right that we are willing to continue pursuing. So … thanks again!