“EXPOmuseus 2013” is about to begin: let’s talk about technology and culture


8 August, 2013

“EXPOmuseus 2013” is about to begin: let’s talk about technology and culture

The first on-line fair on equipment and comprehensive management of museums, “EXPOmuseus 2013” is just round the corner. Although this event is focused on Latin America, it has no geographical limitations. From August 10 until December 20, no matter where you are, you can visit us in Hall B at www.expomuseus.com. This site will present the main innovations in the sector, designed and developed by leading companies of the 22 participating countries.

Museum professionals need to get acquainted with the new model of communication and technology and the changes that are already taking place in the most powerful institutions in the sector. These changes will revolutionize the way we understand an exhibition. Please send us any queries related to technology in museums, so we can have your answer ready in our booth.

This area will also serve as a meeting point for public institutions and for museum professionals and sector associations, with the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences and knowledge in Latin-America.

In GVAM we are committed to two concepts: “experiencing culture” and “culture for all”. What do they mean? How will these ideas influence cultural offerings in the coming years? You will get to know our point of view on the 10th. Please visit us at booth D2 in Pavilion B!