Key Topics of #Socialmus (2/3): CrossCult, Technological Innovation for the Humanities


28 July, 2017

Key Topics of #Socialmus (2/3): CrossCult, Technological Innovation for the Humanities

The CrossCult project originated about 12-14 years ago. A time when, as stated by Martín López (Professor of Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Vigo), ¨emerging work in web semantics permitted us to determine which inside of a determined television program was interesting for a user¨.

¨Today, ¨ added Martín, ¨we are reaching a point in which we are capable of separating content according to personalised narratives.¨ Ultimately, the first step that CrossCult must confront is technology. We are seeking for museums to be able to share personalised stories, taking into account facts that have to do specifically with you (yes, you), with your personal circumstances and tastes, with the visits you have previously made, with the specific day on which you decide to visit a specific museum, etc.

Technological innovation serves as an objective of humanistic research. How can one interpret the same (historical) information in a different manner based on different social realities and for individuals with different cognitive and emotional profiles?¨ This is what we call ¨metahistory¨. Through the four project pilots presented by Ioanna Lykourentzou, leader of the CrossCult project, we seek to test the developed technological tools and establish connections in order to generate a scenario of validated studies for our research (this is the Living Lab of Crosscult).

Ultimately, the mission of CrossCult is ¨to spur a change in the way in which European citizens evaluate their history¨. Such was stated by Ioanna, leader of the CrossCult project, during #SocialMus. However, how can we prompt this change? The pilot projects that are being developed will study ways in which to increase retention, stimulate reflection, and help citizens to appreciate their common past and present in a more holistic manner.

If you wish to learn more regarding the project, do not hesitate to watch the presentation of Ioanna Lykourentzou on our Youtube channel.