Museum of Wine, Ribadavia (Galicia)


Museum of Wine, Ribadavia (Galicia)

An interactive experience through the lands of Galicia, beyond the museum

Interactive guide service and app with routes outside the museum

For those responsible for the management of this museum in Rivadavia (Galicia), inaugurated in July 2019, the interactive guide of the Wine Museum is “an essential tool to complement the speech and the exhibition itself, without displacing the real experience”. It includes interactive games to help discover the history reflected in the pieces and photographs, as well as literary fragments about the wines of Galicia, from the Middle Ages to today. In addition, users can rate each of the contents and score points on their personal marker when they hit any of the questions on the quiz.

It is also available in app format. Equally free and, in addition to the tour of the Museum, it includes specific routes with all the necessary information on the five designations of origin of Galician wines. In this way, expanding the experience that they offer through technology, museums like the one in Rivadavia seek to improve the satisfaction of their visitors and, thereby, attract new audiences.


Highlights of the Visit to the Museum of Wine:

  • Teaching illustrations
  • Quiz games
  • Museum floors map
  • Ratings of each content
  • Carousels with current photographs and the history of wine


Outstanding contents of the Designations of Origin Routes:

  • General information of the 5 designations
  • List with the main points of interest in each denomination with contact information and website
  • All points are classified by categories for easy location
  • Positioning on the map of each of the points combined with the positioning of the user
  • Direct access to the main pages of the denominations and their routes
  • Valuations of each of the designations


Languages: Galician, Spanish and English



  • Texts of all available content
  • Spanish sign language in the Museum tour
  • Audio description in Spanish on the Museum tour


Client: Museum of Wine of Galicia and Xunta de Galicia