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Recent projects

Born Centre Cultural

You can now know the history of the iconic marketplace of El Born through the accessible guide of the Centre

Áppside project

Áppside is a project boosted by Fundación Orange and GVAM.  It offers free accessible apps in Spanish museums.

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

This historic and representative museum in Madrid incorporated GVAM technology after its reopening, in 2014.  

Museu de Artes e Ofícios

The Brazilian company Era virtual, one of our international partners, is using Ventour to create the guide for the MAO.

What you can do

Cross-platformWith Ventour you will create Web Apps, Native Apps for iOS and Android and loan guides from a single online place.

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aQìWhere am I? What do I have in front of me? How can I get to this place? Our positioning system AQI helps visitors who do not want to miss anything and helps those who just want to wander.

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AccessiblityIn 2004 we were the first (and still are the only ones) offering options like sign language, subtitling or audio-description in a single device or an app.

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StatisticsVentour includes a statistics module that allows to study the behavior of each visitor. You can filter by language, hearing, disability, date of visit and find out which spaces or items were the most visited and for how long.

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Text-to-SpeechThe Ventour system also includes the award-winning text-to-speech Loquendo. Surprise yourself with its natural sounding voices which will produce voice overs instantly of any new content.

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